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A place for you to embody your truth, reclaim your sovereign power and live your purpose...


Step into the life you were always meant to lead!



Many women want to start their healing journey or explore spirituality and manifestation but feel…


Stuck and unsure of where to go or what do to

Disconnected from themselves and their aspirations

Confused, overwhelmed or burnt out

Lack of inspired energy

Stifled by negative mental chatter, fears and doubts

Isolated and alone in their evolution, wishing for a circle of friends to walk with on the path of awakening…


The Aligned Sisterhood is a family of women who have all been where you are. You deserve to be welcomed exactly as you are and held sacred as you heal. We are here to help you move into the next beautiful phase of your life.


Finally, the community you’ve always been searching for.

Meet your host and founder of
The Aligned Sisterhood 

Hello dear sister, my name is Sara!

I spent years alone in my struggle, wanting so much more and desperately searching for answers. I spent a decade doing personal development, focusing on my health and reading spiritual books, but I didn’t know how to do 'the work'. When I discovered the five phases of transformation only then did my life start to shift.

I was no longer burning out or operating from uninspired energy. I was able to tap into my purpose and deepen my levels of joy and fulfillment. My days became fuelled by flow and I felt fully engaged in my life.

I created this program and community for women, like me, to accelerate their healing journey.

When you join The Aligned Sisterhood, for six months you will have my personal instruction and guidance. I have been using these methods, tools and techniques for years. These are the tried and true practices to get you into alignment, feeling your best and manifesting joy, abundance, and fulfillment. My goal is to see you succeed in every area of life.

This is your invitation. It’s time for you to come into your alignment!

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Core Pillars

Embody Your Truth

The version of who you want to be is already inside you. It's less a process of creating it than it is of letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you. You'll learn how to navigate the physiological, psychological and energetic parts of yourself to access the harmonized state of your highest self or authentic magnetism.


Reclaim Your Power

It takes guts to deep dive into your own thoughts and emotions in order to meet yourself. With a little bit of courage, a loving community, and the right tools, you can have everything you've ever wanted: secure love, a successful career path, vibrant health, supportive friends, and more. 


Live your purpose

Uncover a deeper meaning to life and trust in yourself to live it. Developing a regulated nervous system, spiritual alignment and emotional availability are three key skills to guide you in the process of leaning into your intuition, manifesting in alignment and living out your greatest purpose.

In the sisterhood, you’ll learn to…

  • Recognize the subconscious thoughts and patterns running your life

  • Use the neuroscience behind manifestation to co-create with the universe

  • Feel and recognize authenticity in your body through somatic therapy and tools

  • Turn up the volume on your intuition, set healthy boundaries and live out your values

  • Recondition the chronic states of worry or stress that keep you out of alignment and build resilience against future adversity

  • Understand your whole Self (physiologically, psychologically and energetically) and how to step into your highest manifesting potential
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Having access to the right information, the right community and the right guidance is life changing!

I joined The Aligned Sisterhood as I was burnt out and tired of the hustle culture way of running my business, while all other aspects of my life felt like a blur. 

The lessons provided were so impactful and full of easy to apply action steps and tools to help me instantly. I loved the community and connection I had with other women who are on a similar journey. 

This program and community have helped me become clear on what’s been holding me back. I am now more connected to myself, present with my family, alive with meaning in my business and living in a calm and relaxed manner. I finally feel like I have found my truest, highest self.

Leslie Robertson

I was nervous to join this program because I was afraid to slow down - my anxiety fuelled me. It was when I realized that my work habits were affecting the relationship I had with my family, that I became open to leaning into this work.

Within only a few weeks of starting the program I began to feel lighter and more self aware. I was blown away at how this work has influenced me as a mother, a leader and business owner, showing up in a completely different energy.

I have worked with Sara through many of her programs but the constant is that she always over-delivers.

Josee Nadeau 


The Five Phases Of Personal Transformation...


Phase One - Awareness & Awakening

Cultivate valuable self-awareness and deepen your relationship to Self. You’ll gain a broader perspective of the role you play in manifesting your career or business, health, and relationships.

Phase Two - Sacred Recovery

Restore your nervous system to feel more relaxed, rested and recovered. It's biologically impossible to heal if all your capacity is taken up by stress. You will learn to honour your physical body, protect your mental and emotional well-being, and feel fully engaged with life, while maintaining productivity.

Phase Three - Harmony Activation

By addressing your coping mechanisms, and eradicating limiting beliefs, you can release old, unhelpful patterns. It’s time to become a master at navigating challenges and opportunities as you climb to new heights of harmony and joy - the highest manifesting energy.

Phase Four - Infinite Truth

This is where aligned manifestation starts - a rediscovery of who you TRULY are and the innate power you hold. You’ll learn how to remove false layers by integrating shadow work and how to unveil your intuition and its unique way of manifesting with you.

Phase Five - Aligned Magnetism 

In this phase you’ll put your biology, neurology, psychology, and spirituality to work as you practice leaning into aligned manifestation. You are the creator and your dreams are waiting!

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Perks Of The Sisterhood

Five Phases

You’ll get 24 weeks of exclusive access to our five-phase process, which teaches you how to develop your own aligned intelligence™ and to start manifesting in alignment. Each phase builds upon the last to help you strengthen your skills, one step at a time.


The Keys of Aligned Intelligence™ 

This is your guide to manifesting the life you’ve always dreamed of. Aligned Intelligence™ is the power you harness through self-mastery, the magic you allow when you are in true resonance with your inner being, and a skill you develop to navigate and create life on your terms! It is one of the central tenets of the sisterhood. As you move through each phase, there will be lessons, short practices and actionable steps to embody all your creative power. 


Exclusive Sisterhood Clubhouse App

Our clubhouse app is your one-stop shop for everything you need! No more searching for answers or wondering where to go or what to do. This is our home and we truly make each other feel like family here.


LIVE Guidance and Coaching

Twice a month we come together LIVE online to learn and grow as a community of beautiful, like-minded women. First is a Transmission Call for diving into the teachings and practices. The second is a Sister Seat Call for any members who wish to share or receive support as they navigate alignment and manifestation along their journey. 


LIVE Weekly Somatic Work

Every Thursday morning the sisterhood joins in body-centered therapy. This healing somatic work spans everything from grounding exercises, to various mediations, and breath work practices. 


Tickets to Simpli Aligned Events

Twice a year we gather in person for a full-day retreat filled with expansion and connection curated to take all the work we’ve been doing to the next level. With speakers, music, group somatic practices and breath work, these events are designed to fuel your alignment journey.


And so much more!

I joined the Sisterhood back in July 2022 after struggling for months in my business, feeling burnt out from doing ALL the things to move the needle, nothing was working & nothing felt right.

Over the past 7 months I have stopped all the "busy work", reconnected with my soul's desire, and realigned my business to reflect my values and what I want to create for MY life.  I have so much more energy and I feel at peace (no more running on the hamster wheel). I am way more productive and there is an ease and flow to my days now that I have never experienced.  

Thank you Sara and all the Sisters in the Sisterhood for creating a safe space where we support, uplift and empower each other to become our authentic selves!

Laurie Maynard

I love hanging out in The Aligned Sisterhood Clubhouse! It’s a safe space for me to share the things that are going on in my life, especially after going through a huge life change, it’s nice to feel supported.

The lessons and tools that Sara provides are transformational and it’s empowering to be around other inspiring women who are also doing ‘the work’. 

Claudia Baillargeon 


 I joined the sisterhood during a particularly difficult time in my life. My mental and physical health were at some of the lowest points they’d ever been and I was feeling rather lost and alone. I had already started my personal growth and spiritual journey, but really didn’t know anyone following that same path.

These days I have so many beautiful women in my life who are always there to support me in whatever comes my way. I’m happier, healthier and regularly finding new pockets of joy in my everyday life. It’s been a night and day transformation, and I’m still amazed with the progress I continue to make.


Greer Wallen

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Hey Sis, I want this to feel like the easiest 'YES' you've ever had for signing up to a program. 

Come into The Aligned Sisterhood, dive into the lessons, try out the tools provided, join us on the LIVE calls and if you aren’t completely satisfied let me know within the first 30 days for a full refund.
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